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Canaries is a movement to build broad support for independent journalism in the digital age, which starts by showcasing the work of bold media startups around the world.

Independent journalism is the canary in the coal mine for the health and wellbeing of society. The Canary is an aesthetically appealing, easily understood brand for the kind of journalism we are building.

It's time to make independent journalism 'pop'

Nicolás Vallejo,


About us

We all are deeply invested into the future of jornalism and devoted our careers to it. In September 2019 some of us met in Nepal where we were together with 70 likeminded people. That’s when we realised how wonderful they are and how as an industry we suck at telling our own story.

So Splice, Outriders, and Gisa Group decided to join forces and start this new snowfall of stories about great journalism projects serving the people all around the world.

The project was developed in cooperation with DDC International.




Independent journalism is struggling to explain its own value to society.

We want journalism worth fighting for. But not with the old labels we’ve been using. Traditional journalism tropes are outdated, and the perception of the industry in constant crisis is exhausting.

We are building a civic movement to change people’s expectations of the work we do by redefining the narrative of journalism in the digital age.

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